Thank you for offering to share the transformative tools of The Inner Matrix. Hosting a Group is a gift to be shared with your friends and family and an excellent way to further your own practices.

An Inner Matrix Group Facilitator will be assigned to you. Your role as a host is to provide a welcoming space and invite your family, friends, colleagues to join you for this 5-week series. The facilitator will set the group up on the website and lead all the sessions.

Attached is an inspiring call with Author, Joey Klein, to get you started. It will walk you through your role and what this offer makes possible for the people in your life. Please have a listen and your facilitator will be in touch. We look forward to connecting soon!

 A Message from Joey Klein 

Feel free to contact katie.mount@conscioustransformation.comKatie Mount  if you ever have any questions.

With gratitude,
The Inner Matrix Team