Shifting Emotions

Welcome to Week Two of your Inner Matrix Group, based on Joey Klein’s book, The Inner Matrix.

Step further into your mindfulness practice.

Prior to your group meeting, read Chapters 4-5 of the book. The attached video is a support to both the book and group session. We encourage you to watch it before or after your meeting.

Recommended Practices After Your Meeting

  1. Daily Meditation Practice: Each day throughout the week, use the audio file below to do your daily mindfulness practice. This week we commit to shifting a lower emotional pattern to a higher emotional channel and envisioning how that shift would impact areas of your life where we have previously encountered difficulty.
  2. Daily Check-in: As you check in this week, acknowledge your emotional state and use your breath to shift it to a higher pattern.
  3. Journaling Exercise: In your journaling work this week, reflect on how the emotional pattern you have committed to changing has impacted your life in the past and the impact that shifting to a higher emotional state would have on yourself and others.

Week 2 Review

As you focus on shifting out of a lower emotional state, use your increased awareness of how that emotional state has impacted yourself and others in the past to drive your motivation and commitment to change. Once you can see how these emotional patterns have impacted your life and experience your ability to shift into higher states, you truly begin to have the ability to create the experiences you have longed for in this life!

Learn how the mind and emotions impact the body.