Connecting with the Physical Body

Welcome to Week Three of your Inner Matrix Group, based on Joey Klein’s book, The Inner Matrix.

Create a vision for optimal health.

Prior to your group meeting, read Chapters 6-7 of the book. The attached video is a support to both the book and group session. We encourage you to watch it before or after your meeting.

Recommended Practices After Your Meeting

  1. Daily Meditation Practice: Each day throughout the week, use the audio file below to do your daily mindfulness practice. This week, you offer gratitude for each part of your body including all of your organs and once again, breathe into any place of tension or constriction.
  2. Daily Check-in: As you check in this week, acknowledge the sensations in your physical body and their tie to mental and emotional patterns.
  3. Journaling Exercise: In your journaling work this week, record your awareness of the connection between mental and emotional patterns and how your physical embodiment impacts your mental and emotional state as well.

Week 3 Review

As you focus on increasing shifts to your physical state, you support shifts and changes in lower mental and emotional patterns as well. By optimizing the state of your physical body, you train your body to facilitate its natural state of peace!

Discover your intuitive self.