Focusing the Mind

Welcome to Week One of your Inner Matrix Group, based on Joey Klein’s book, The Inner Matrix.

Step into your mindfulness practice.

Prior to your group meeting, read Chapters 1-3 of the book. The attached video is a support to both the book and group session. We encourage you to watch it before or after your meeting.

Recommended Practices After Your Meeting

  1. Daily Meditation Practice: Each day throughout the week, use the attached audio file to do your daily mindfulness practice. This week you begin to take your mindfulness practice to a new level by acknowledging each thought as it surfaces and learning to recognize the state of peace that occurs between the thoughts.
  2. Daily Check-in: As you check in with your thoughts every hour or two this week, ask yourself whether you are aligned with love or fear in the moment.
  3. Journaling Exercise: As you engage your journaling practice, take time to explore the origin of the patterns you are becoming more and more aware of in your mind, emotion and physical body.

Week 1 Review

Because mental, emotional and physical patterns were imprinted upon you by your mother, father and early caregivers, set aside some extra time this week to explore exactly what your parents and early care givers were experiencing while you were in utero and during your first few years of life. Remember, you did not pick these patterns, but your mother, father and early caregivers did not either. Just as they were laid down in your unconscious, the same process gave rise to their patterns. Such is the nature of our human experience! Just enjoy stepping into these new awarenesses, knowing that once you are aware of a pattern, if you choose to shift it, you can.

Explore how the mind and emotions work together.

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