Creating Your Vision for Life

Welcome to Week Four of your Inner Matrix Group, based on Joey Klein’s book, The Inner Matrix.

Practice transcending the thoughts, emotions and physical body to create a vision.

Prior to your group meeting, read Chapters 8-9 of the book. The attached video is a support to both the book and group session. We encourage you to watch it before or after your meeting.

Recommended Practices After Your Meeting

  1. Daily Meditation Practice: Each day throughout the week, use the audio file below to do your daily mindfulness practice. This week, connect to yourself as unconditional love and from that space create a vision for your life.
  2. Daily Check-in: As you check in this week, examine whether your thoughts, emotions, and physicality are aligned with the vision you have for your life.
  3. Journaling Exercise: In your journaling work this week, take time to really get inside of your vision and actually see yourself living that vision.

Week 4 Review

Human beings have always longed to know the purpose of their existence. In everyday life, many seek a sense of fulfillment that no ordinary experience can provide. Intuitively, we know we are more than just the physical body, more than our thoughts or the way we feel in a given moment. At the core of each of us is spirit. This is our higher self, the essence of which is love. Living from the higher self is essential to transformation and achieving our highest potential.

Connect fully with Group participants in your final discussion.