Transform your life with an Inner Matrix Group

In today’s fast-paced and stressful world, focusing the mind and empowering the emotions are essential to living a fulfilling, peaceful life. Inner Matrix Groups meet regularly to strengthen mind, emotion, body and spirit using tools based in cutting-edge neuroscience and ancient wisdom practices.

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How it Works

Explore the transformative book, The Inner Matrix by Joey Klein, in a supportive, small group environment that meets weekly for five sessions.

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Inner Matrix Groups occur throughout the country. Search by state to find a group in your area. Or you can join a Virtual Group that meets online and includes interactive discussions.

Host a Group

We provide you with an enthusiastic facilitator to manage the sign up process for your guests and lead the discussions each week. You share your home, office or studio and invite your friends and family.

Through my Inner Matrix Group…

The Inner Matrix by Joey Klein

Marrying the ancient wisdom traditions of East and West with the latest science, psychology, and brain function. Klein provides a cutting-edge system to transform your life by shifting deep mental, emotional, and physical patterns that create stress and limit your success.